Quality Policy

Quality Policy Jayso 2019 ISO 9001-2015

At Jayso, we aim to raise our quality levels in order to provide our customers with the best materials available for the performance required in their parts.

In this way our manufacturing process involves a strict control of the materials provided by the suppliers, steels of the highest quality, with a proven reputation in the market, are part of our offer for special pieces, suitable thermal treatments, coatings of different hardnesses, Proven finishes and shipments from transport companies, both national and international, in record time.

From our technical area we accompany the design provided by our clients so that we incorporate our manufacturing experience, advising both the finishing and the functionality of the parts to be manufactured.

The control process is applied to each step of manufacturing, from an efficient design as the choice of materials, adjustment to the measurements checked by our measuring devices, and monitoring «in process» of the entire production cycle.

We also cooperate with the best external companies when it comes to outsourcing processes with the aim of adding value to the product and avoiding structural failures.

We follow a rigorous selective process given the requirement of our quality standards, assigning each supplier a certain degree of reliability throughout their cooperation with us, discarding those that do not meet our requirements immediately.

These service providers are required to provide the necessary certifications that justify the offered capacities as well as the parameters that are specified, being these always available to the client in case they require it, budgeting from the beginning the added costs of this service.

From Jayso we take into account the requirements and expectations of the interested parties, guaranteeing both the quality demanded and the functional performance of our own products and we are also responsible for the same quality that we serve through the products that we distribute trying to obtain the best recognized brands within our sector that in turn add value to the global proposal of solutions for the world of mold and matrix within our offer.

Our goal of improvement is continuous and to this end we follow the orders from receipt to shipment encouraging our customers to communicate their impressions in search of a process of continuous improvement for our learning files and daily work.

Based on this company policy we mark the annual objectives of both quality and production and we monitor compliance with them, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to us.